Changing fluids of the LSRII

  1. Turn off the fluidic card when you hear the alarm (green knob below) and finish reading your sample or well.
  2. Changing the waste: unscrew the knob of the waste container and lift up the short sensor. Take a new container with waste written on it (usually stands to the right of the waste cart). If you don't see one – empty the current container and add 500 ml bleach to it (located under the sink). Reconnect the black metal protection to the same position as before.
    Empty the full waste container if possible and leave it by the sink.
  3. Changing the sheath: unscrew the knob of the sheath container and take care out the long sheath sensor. Remove the near empty container and add a full container with sheath in it (usually located to the left of the fluidic cart. Extra containers are found under the incubator). Close the sheath container with the sensor in it (make sure that the sensor is not pressed to the bottom and that the knob is screwed tightly).
    Leave the empty sheath container by the sink.
  4. Turn on the fluidic cart and go back to work. You might need to press on prime a few times.