Bioinformatics support

Team and support

Genomics, Promoter Analysis, Sequence analysis and phylogenetics

Dr. Shifra Ben-Dor,, 08934-2470, Levine building, room 111

Biostatistical support

Dr. Ron Rotkopf,, 08934-5162, Levine building, room 109

High-throughput genomics and Next-generation sequencing

Dr. Dena Leshkowitz,, 08934-6330 , Levine building, room 102

Dr. Ester Feldmesser,, 08934-2614  Levine building, room 113

MicroArray analysis, Pathways analysis, Sequence Analysis

Irit Orr,, 08934-2470, Levine building, room 111

Biological Services ordering & data distribution (Noys & Susanc) Software installation on Macs and PCs (Sequencher, Lasergene, MacVector, Snapgene)

Irit Orr,, 08934-2470, Levine building, room 111

IT  issues for the Biological Services 

Kirill Kogan,, 08934-3113, Levine building, room 110

Programming projects and programming help

Refael Kohen,, 08934-3606, Levine building, room 112

Dr. Jaime Prilusky,, 08934-4959, Levine building, room 113

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