Clone and Strain Repository about

The Clone and Strain Repository unit is a new addition to the Dept. of Biological Services. This unit is aimed at supporting the researchers of the Weizmann Institute by purchasing seeking and maintaining valuable stocks of clones and strains.

At present we administer the following collections:

  1. Forchheimer Plasmid bank with over 130 vectors 
  2. Bacterial strains for cloning and protein expression purposes 
  3. RIKEN mouse cDNA book of clones (>60,000 cDNA clones in bacterial vectors). 
  4. The O'Shea/Weissman yeast chromosomal tandem affinity purification collection (TAP-tag; Ghaemmaghami, S. et al. (2003) Nature 425, 737-741).
  5. Two yeast inducible overexpressing collections (Gal, N- and C-terminal tags).


We are in the process of acquiring state of the art collections and equipment. This will facilitate whole genome research, with high-throughput handling equipment, collections, and using large batches of cells and clones.

We are working to:

  • Build an online searchable database with all the available entries and collections at hand.
  • Acquire new collections:
    • Dharmacon siRNA library.
    • Human microRNA library. o Different cDNA libraries.
    • Yeast ORF deletion collection (>3700 strains).
  • Setup a new genetic and biological screening service.

Access our Primary Website through: that provides a more detailed list of the materials and services we provide.


Director: Dr. Ghil Jona
Tel: +972-8 -934-6026
Fax: +972-8-934-2783

Research assistant: Chevi Lamed