Protein analysis resources


Laboratory - Levine Building, room 104


Biacore systems use the phenomenon of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to monitor biomolecular binding events in real time, without the use of labels. It is the high performance research system available for label free studies of biomolecular binding.

The iTC200 system is the sensitive isothermal titration calorimeter. All functions of the iTC200 are operated through software to facilitate fast and accurate analyses.

VP-DSC Microcalorimeter is used for studying the conformational energetics of biopolymers, predicting liquid formulation stability and determining the half-life of the different molecular weight compounds (operated through powerful software).

Nanosight instrument NS300 is used for rapid, automated analysis of the size distribution and concentration of all types of nanoparticles from ~10nm to 1000nm in diameter

Microscale thermophoresis (MST) is a rapid and precise method to quantify biomolecular interaction in solution at microliter scale