Welcome Letter

Dear participants of the Life Science Open Day 2010,

As we enter the second decade of this millennium, life sciences continue, more than ever, to be at the forefront of scientific research. Discoveries made in research laboratories in academic institutions, as well as in industry, are rapidly advancing our understanding of fundamental biological processes, resulting in innovative diagnostic, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other products that have an immense impact on our well being, the economy, and the way we think.

Life Science research at the Weizmann Institute has always been a leader of scientific research worldwide, with over 100 research groups supported by high quality infrastructure services. Unique to the Weizmann Institute is the extensive network of collaborative research projects, which connects faculties and departments across multiple disciplines - be it biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and/or computer science. The recent Nobel Prize awarded to Prof. Ada Yonath for the discovery of the structure of the ribosome, which involved chemistry, physics, computation and biology, highlights this multi-disciplinary tradition.

The Life Science Open Day enables us to present the rich and cutting-edge research performed at the Weizmann Institute and provide an overview of the scope of its activities, so as to stimulate interactions, and the exchange of ideas.

We thank Profs. Yitzhak Pilpel and Steffen Jung for organizing this exciting event, and wish you all an educational and enjoyable day!

Prof. Zvi Livneh, Dean Prof. Michal Neeman, Dean
Faculty of Biochemistry Faculty of Biology