Available Positions

MSc / Rotation students

  • The interplay between circadian clocks and exercise performance.
  • The relationship between hypoxia and the core circadian clock.
  • Computational analyses of rhythmic outputs (e.g. metabolites, gases).
  • Biochemical identification of metabolic sensors.

PhD students/Post doctoral fellows

  • Investigating the day-time effect on exercise performance and related metabolic pathways.
  • Studying the influence of dissolved gases on circadian clocks from bacteria to mammals.
  • Examining circadian clock communication through exosomes mediated signaling.
  • Identifying novel metabolic sensors using state of the art biochemical approaches.
  • Investigating metabolic pathologies due to feeding-activity misalignment and circadian clock disruption.

Please email a letter of intent together with your CV to gad.asher@weizmann.ac.il