Visitor’s Information

The Center sponsors visits of relevant scientists to the Weizmann Institute. To apply for financial support for such a visit, please contact

Getting to the Weizmann Institute from the airport

  •   By taxi. Taxi services are regulated and the taxi companies operate under permission. It is recommended not to use random taxi services, but to approach the taxi dispatcher. The Taxi Rank and the Supervisor's Station at Terminal 3 are on Level 2 of the Multi-Level Road. Ask the driver to take you to Rehovot, to the Weizmann Institute. The cost should be at least the equivalent of $30 (US dollars), and the ride should take around 30-40 minutes.
  •   By train. You can also get to the Weizmann Institute by taking the train from the airport. The train station is located on Level S of the Landside Building, adjacent to the Greeters' Hall. Arriving passengers leaving the airport will descend from the Greeters' Hall on level G to the train station by elevator, escalator or stairs. Change at the Tel-Aviv Hagana station for the train to Rehovot. The train station in Rehovot is about a 5 minute walk from the Weizmann Institute.

    More information on schedules and fares can be found on Israel Railways website.

  •   By bus. From the airport it is possible to take a bus to the Central Station in Tel-Aviv and from there take a direct bus to the Weizmann institute (Rehovot, 234 Herzl St.). You can get here with Egged lines 201 or 301.

    More information on schedules and fares can be found on Egged’s website.

For more information about Israel’s public transportation go to Ministry of Transport website.

For more information about ways to get to the Weizmann Institute go to Weizmann Institute website.

Sleeping arrangements near the institute

  1. San Martin. Short-term visitors (a few days) usually stay in Casa San Martin, the Institute guest house.

  2. Leonardo Boutique Rehovot. Located near the Science Park, in Rehovot. The hotel is about 5 minutes away from Weizmann Institute on foot.

  3. Casa Vital Hotel. The apartment hotel Casa Vital is located within 10 minutes walking distance from Weizmann Institute and the Faculty of Agriculture.

  4. Hapina-Shel-Michal Hotel. Located in Mazkeret Batia, about 15 minutes’ drive from Ben-Gurion Airport.

Restaurants and Coffee shops in the area of Weizmann Institute

There are also restaurants and cafeterias that can be found on campus:

  • Stone Building Cafeteria (dairy)
  • "Charlie's Place" (dairy)
  • Cafe Madah
  • Levinson Visitors Center (dairy)
  • Dweck Campus (dairy)
  • Science Park Café (dairy)
  • Casa San Martin (meat)
  • Davidson Campus Cafeteria (dairy)

For more information about opening hours go to Visiting Scientists website.

There are many restaurants and cafés located in the Tamar Science Park in Rehovot, including:

  • The River Noodle Bar, 6 Hamada
  • Japanica, 2 Meir Weisgal
  • Black Bar 'n' Burger, 6 Hamada
  • The Burgus Burger Bar, 2 Meir Weisgal
  • Cézar, 3 Pekris
  • Roladine (Kosher dairy), 177 Herzl
  • ArCafé, 6 Hamada
  • Oro (Kosher meat), 2 Oppenheimer

City and Campus Maps