Welcome to the Hofmann research group...

Dynamics and flexibility are key for protein function. We use a broad set of single-molecule fluorescence tools to understand the dynamics of proteins and protein networks on timescales from nanoseconds to hours. In addition, we use live-cell imaging, in vivo single-molecule FRET, and single particle tracking to monitor proteins in live cells. Projects in our group range from the physics of disordered proteins over coupled binding and folding reactions up to stochastic genetic circuits and regulatory protein networks.


We currently assemble our new super-resolution microscope. Stop by and have a look! (Kimmelman Bldg. room 101/102)


We are always looking for MSc, PhD, and PostDoc candidates! Our projects are highly multidisciplinary and provide you with a broad range of scientific skills. You like to work at the interfaces between Biology, Chemistry, and Physics? Visit us and have a tour through the lab.