FTIR Spectrophotometer

Nicolet 6700 single beam infrared Fourier transform spectrophotometer (FTIR). The spectrometer collects spectra in the mid-IR, far-IR and near-IR ranges. The optical bench provides a maximal resolution of 2 cm-1 over the complete spectral range from 4000 to 400cm-1contains a sample compartment built especially for introducing various IR accessories.

UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

Varian Cary 50 Bio UV/ Visible spectrophotometer has a data collection rate of a 80 points per second. The maximum scan rate is 24,000 nm per minute. The wavelength range of 190-1100 nm and can be scanned in less than 3 seconds.


Perkin Elmer Model 341 spectrometer is a universal and general-purpose precision Polarimeter with Na and Hg source lamps and Glan-Taylor polarizer. It has built-in mercury and sodium lamps, wavelength selection by turret-mounted filters (589 nm (NaD), 578 nm, 546 nm, 436 nm and 365 nm spectral lines).