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The MIDAS program is designed to work in a Win95Win95 or 98 environment. The program was formerly available at the ftp site "alchemy.chem.utoronto.ca" but only worked in Windows3.1 or DOS. These older versions of MIDAS are no longer available.

The EXE program (~850k) can be downloaded from this Web site. The site also contains several sample files (see the note in the next paragraph) to test out the program and compare with results discussed elsewhere at this Web site. Some MIDI songs are also provided to check the audio capabilities for later inclusion of audio notification. Neither the sample files nor the songs are required for the operation of the MIDAS program.

Downloading using the Web will, however, work properly only if your browser is configured to download an EXE file. If clicking on the above link with your LEFT mouse tries to display a file instead of downloading it, it means that your browser is not configured properly to deal with EXE files. You may download the file by clicking on the link with your RIGHT mouse button. A panel will open where you can choose to "Save Link As....". Choose this option and save the file on your hard disk.
NOTE: The RIGHT button option must be used to obtain the sample and song files.

MIDAS98 icon As a suggestion, place a copy of MIDAS98W.EXE into a directory called MIDAS98. Place the sample files in a subdirectory called SAMPLES. The songs must be put into a subdirectory called MUSIC. Then make a shortcut from your Windows desktop to gain easier access to the program.

There are no instructions on how to use the program. For this, use the MIDAS Instruction Web Page. It is designed to explain the options available with the MIDAS program.

Information as to what this and similar programs can do can be found in the following papers:

If you have something special you want to share, contact me and it can be placed at this site.

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