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Dr. Eli Galanti

Dr. Eli Galanti
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 76100 ISRAEL

Tel: 972-8-934-6405
Fax: 4124

Research Interests

My main area of research is the dynamics of the gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn. Our focus is on inverse modelling of the expected observations from the the NASA mission of  Juno and Cassini, for the understanding of the large scale flow on the planets. Coming from a background of physical oceanography and climate dynamics, I also have interest in Earth climate system and in atmospheric and oceanic dynamics.



Acadenic year 2017-2018

Semester I: Global Warming Debates - a guided reading course

Acadenic year 2016-2017

Semester I: Introduction to Mathematical Methods for Modeling and Data Analysis

Semester II: Introduction to the Global Climate System

Previous years

Great Papers in Earth Sciences