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Courses can be selected from the entire range offered by the Feinberg Graduate School at the Weizmann Institute. In addition, reading courses are routinely organized by individual scientific groups and, in special cases, courses can be taken at other campuses. Individual course programs will be tailored for each student in consultation with a faculty adviser. Please consult "Prospective student information" and the Feinberg Graduate school regulations. Courses offered by Department faculty vary from year to year.

Here is the list of courses that our department will offer:

Core courses

These courses are given on a two year rolling basis. Students are encouraged to take at least 5 out of the these courses.

1. Atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics
2. Planetary physics
3. The carbon cycle
4. Introduction to the global climate system
5. Energy use
6. Isotopic geochemistry
7. Clouds and aerosols
8. Waves and instabilities in the atmospheres and oceans
9. Environmental geochemistry
10. Numerical methods and data analysis in the geosciences

Seminar courses

1. Advanced topics in Earth history
2. Global warming debates
3. Topics in atmospheric turbulence
4. Topics in planetary science