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Post-Doctoral Position in NMR Relaxometry for Medicine CEA-Grenoble France –


European Horizon 2020 IDentIFY Project*

Start date: from November 2017
Contract duration: from 12 to 24 months
Position type: full-time
Net monthly salary: between about 2200 and 2350 € + social benefits paid by
the employer.

A two-year postdoc position in solid-state NMR spectroscopy of advanced materials is available at the University of Lille, Lille, France. It will start preferably in December 2017.


The quantum nanophotonics and biosensing lab at U. New Mexico (PI: Victor Acosta) seeks
highly motivated postdoctoral candidates for a project to develop novel optical NMR platforms
based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. This is a highly multidisciplinary project
that combines new techniques in optical nuclear polarization and NMR microscopy using NV
centers in diamond nanostructures. The goal is to develop a microfluidic NMR microscope with
high sensitivity and resolution. Applications include sub-cellular monitoring of metabolic activity

Applications are invited for a Scientific Officer in NMR Metabolomics in the NMR Facility within the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine at King’s College London.

The NMR Facility forms part of the Centre for Biomolecular Spectroscopy and following a £3M award from the Wellcome Trust, British Heart Foundation and King’s College London, we are establishing a state-of-the-art facility to conduct research in a number of metabolic profiling areas.

RS2D: Based in Strasbourg, France, we are developing electronic and software to manage, monitor, and create MRI or NMR systems. We are currently working with collaborators to develop and improve clinical and preclinical MRI and NMR systems.

The Department of Chemistry at New York University is soliciting applications for faculty positions in Chemistry. One of the emphasis areas is biophysical chemistry, which may include NMR or EPR. The deadline for the application is Sep 29, 2017.

The project is a part of a large collaborative Industrial Partnership Programme between AMOLF, Wageningen University, University of Amsterdam and Unilever Research, entitled Hybrid soft materials: from physical mechanisms to designer products.

At the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, is a joint PostDoctoral Postion in the groups of Mikael Molin and Björn Burmann available for the biochemical and subsequent structural characterization of the underlying mechanism how peroxiredoxins and Hsp70 prevent aging.

The project is a part of a large collaborative Industrial Partnership Programme between AMOLF, Wageningen University, University of Amsterdam and Unilever Research, entitled Hybrid soft materials: from physical mechanisms to designer products. The overall goal of the programme is to understand the physics of the assembly and visco-elastic properties of hybrid networks, consisting of mixtures of stiff and soft elements, which leads to the rich and complex multiscale physics that characterize real food products.

A Postdoctoral/Research Associate position in the Chazin laboratory at Vanderbilt University is available for highly motivated cell biologists, biochemists, and structural biologists to study multi-domain proteins and multi-protein complexes involved in DNA replication, damage response, and repair.  Projects include investigating the mechanistic basis for DNA priming and inter-disciplinary research on the role of 4Fe-4S clusters and DNA charge transport in priming [e.g.

The Debelouchina lab at the University of California, San Diego is looking for a motivated postdoctoral researcher to join our growing team. Our work combines NMR spectroscopy tools with chemical and cell biology techniques to study chromatin and gene regulation. This position will provide the candidate with the opportunity to apply and/or learn solid-state and solution NMR methods, protein and peptide synthesis, protein biochemistry, as well as cell biology techniques.

A postdoctoral position in biomedical magnetic resonance is available within the Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Section at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) of the National Institutes of Health, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry at Brown University has an Assistant or Associate Professor tenure track position available in the area of Structural Biology. We are seeking candidates with outstanding research and teaching abilities for a start date of July 1, 2018 and I would greatly appreciate your assistance in making the availability of this position known to potential candidates.

Joint postdoc position in the Chromatography and NMR departments, which has to be filled before Oct 1st.

The Grey group at the University of Cambridge invites PhD candidates to apply for a project involving advanced solid-state NMR method development combined with multi-spin quantum-mechanical computation. The application is characterization of hydrocarbon-bearing organic shales for potential gas or oil production. A full assay requires evaluation of the immobile organic phases in heterogeneous, mainly inorganic materials.

A 3 year postdoctoral position and a 3-year part-time (60%) technician position are available in the laboratory of Dr. Cyril Dominguez, University of Leicester.


A PhD position is available in the group of Andrew Pell at the Department of Materials Environmental and Environmental Chemistry (MMK), Stockholm University (Sweden), in solid-state NMR of paramagnetic materials.

Closing date: August 7, 2017.

Project description

The Center for Biomedical Imaging (CBI) of the Department of Radiology at New York University School of Medicine has a strong and rapidly advancing reputation for collaborative innovation. NIH currently ranks our division in the top ten in the US by funding. Scientists at CBI have access to state-of- the-art clinical Siemens MRI scanners at 1.5 T and 3 T, as well as a PET/MR and a 7 T system.

DFG-Funded Research Training Group / Graduiertenkolleg GRK 2274
“Advanced Medical Physics for Image-guided Cancer Therapy”