Link for Conversation on "Biomolecular Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation", September 24

On September 24, 15:00 UTC, ISMAR will sponsor an on-line meeting on the topic of "Biomolecular Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation: What Does Magnetic Resonance Tell Us About the Phase-Separated State?”. Presentations will be given by Nicolas Fawzi (Brown University), Julie Forman-Kay (Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto), and Galia Debelouchina (University of California at San Diego). The meeting will take about 60-90 minutes.

Use the following link to join this meeting:

This is the third event in ISMAR’s “Conversations on Magnetic Resonance” series. Everyone is invited to join the on-line audience and participate in discussion periods after each presentation.

Please note that 15:00 UTC on September 24 will be 8:00 in San Francisco, 11:00 in New York, 16:00 in London, 17:00 in Paris, and (with apologies) midnight in Tokyo.

Recordings of Conversations are posted permanently at .