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There are two types of ISMAR memberships:

1.       Web Member. This type of membership is free of charge and includes free access to the members area of the ISMAR webpage. The only requirement is that you are (or were) an active participant in the field of magnetic resonance. To apply please complete the appropriate application form.

2.       Regular  member. This type of  membership is a full rights membership and  gives voting privileges for the ISMAR Council and the ISMAR Executive Committee. Such voting takes place every two years (see ISMAR constitution). Such membership entitles one to  access  the members area of the ISMAR web page. Full membership is also a prerequisite to nomination to the Council or the Executive Committee. If you attend an ISMAR conference you are entitled to free full membership for the next two years. Otherwise, you can become a full member by completing the appropriate form and paying the yearly dues. 

  1 year membership 2 years membership 3 years membership
Student 15$ 25$ 30$
Regular 30$ 55$ 75$
Retired 15$ 25$ 30


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