2 Postdoctoral positions available in RNA Biophysics at Karolinska Institute (Stockholm)



Possibly more than 50% of the human genome codes for non-coding RNA. These RNAs are ubiquitous among all life forms and the mechanisms how non-coding RNAs regulate these cellular functions are largely unknown.

Our research group is interested in understanding how RNAs adopt their structures in order to select specific functions in a pool if RNAs. We employ different biochemical and biophysical techniques (e.g. EMSA, NMR, UV melting experiments), to investigate the molecular mechanism of RNA function (Nature 2012 & 2015).

(A) The Postdoc will work on a collaborative project together with the Lab from E.R. Andersson (anderssonlab.com/) and will therefore be working on an interface from molecular biology to biophysical methods.

(B) The Postdoc will work on a project to study RNA structure & dynamics under biological relevant conditions and establish and develop biophysical and biochemistry methods for this task.

The postdoc will work on RNAs addressing biological questions studied in the lab. You will work in a team together with other lab members and regularly present your research work in lab-meetings, seminars and at international conferences.

The projects will be supervised by Dr. Katja Petzold, deadline 15th of February 2017. Please apply directly via the netrecruiter system: