DPhil (PhD) position at Oxford Chemistry

A DPhil (PhD) position funded by the Royal Society is immediately available in the group of Dr Mohammadali Foroozandeh at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford.


Due to the nature of available funding this position is solely open to applicants from the UK and the European Union.


The project encompasses a wide range of methodologies and applications in magnetic resonance, with focus on the design of a new class of ultrahigh- resolution and ultra-broadband techniques and their applications to interesting problems in chemical research.


As a successful PhD candidate you will benefit from a diverse range of collaborations, having access to Oxford Chemistry NMR and EPR facilities, and training on various aspects of magnetic resonance methodology, including pulse programming, data acquisition, signal processing, theory of NMR, simulation of magnetic resonance experiments, pulse design, optimisation techniques, and programming in MATLAB.





  1. Master (or an equivalent Bachelor) degree in Chemistry, Physics,

Mathematics, or Computer Science

  1. Interest in inter-disciplinary work, creativity, and motivation



  1. Familiarity with basic NMR sample preparation, data acquisition, and

data processing (Bruker)

  1. Basic familiarity with and interest in the theory of NMR
  2. Background in calculus and linear algebra
  3. Familiarity with MATLAB programming


More advanced skills: (good if you have, if not, you will learn)

  1. Familiarity with optimisation methods
  2. Familiarity with pulse programming in Bruker language
  3. Good knowledge of quantum mechanics, spin dynamics, and theory of NMR
  4. Experience with density matrix simulation of magnetic resonance



For application please send a CV and a short statement (less than a page), on your interests and motivations, to Mohammadali Foroozandeh (mohammadali.foroozandeh@chem.ox.ac.uk).