Early-Stage Researcher position in zero and ultralow field NMR

The zero and ultralow field NMR (ZULF-NMR) consortium will be recruiting 11 early-stage researchers (ESRs) to start in 1 oct 2018, see www.zulf.eu. This is funded under the EU Marie Curie scheme. One ESR will be based in the laboratory of Malcolm Levitt in Southampton, for 3 years. For technical and administrative reasons, a candidate whose situation is as follows would be of most interest for the Southampton position:

1. currently studying for a PhD in magnetic resonance, and has excellent grades and track record;

2. fulfils the Marie Curie eligibility requirements; Broadly speaking, this means that they have been studying or researching outside the UK for the last 3 years. Note: this could be any country, not necessarily in the EU.

3. are able to spend the last year of their PhD research, starting october 2018, in the lab of Malcolm Levitt in Southampton, researching on ZULF, along with writing up their PhD (this would be the first year of the 3-year ESR position);

4. after obtaining their PhD in their home institution, would return to Malcolm Levitt’s lab to continue as a postdoc for the last 2 years of the 3-year ESR position.

This could be an attractive prospect for someone in the right situation, and whose PhD supervisor is happy with such an arrangement. The Marie Curie ESR salaries are generous.

If you fulfil the requirements above, and are interested. make some preliminary enquiries with me at mhl@soton.ac.uk.


Malcolm Levitt




Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance

Southampton UK, Sep 2-5 2018



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