NMR diffusometry PhD position at Leipzig University

(for three years, up to 75% workload, E13 salary group)

Applied Magnetic Resonance division of the Felix Bloch Institute for Solid State Physics offers an open
position for a PhD candidate starting as soon as possible. The research focus is concerned with
experimental NMR and results from a close collaboration with BASF, the largest chemical producer in
the world. The position is funded by BASF and assumes close contacts with the R&D division in the

Molecular diffusion is ubiquitous in nature. In many industrially-relevant applications, the rate of
molecular transport can be a critical parameter deciding on the process efficiencies. Hence, assessing
transport properties of molecules in various environments is permanently in the focus of active
research. The pulsed field gradient technique of NMR is proven to be the most elegant, non-invasive
approach to probe molecular diffusion. The Leipzig University has a longstanding, world-renowned
expertise in the area of diffusion studies using NMR. In the framework of the PhD position
announced, we wish to expand the horizons of experimental diffusion NMR to higher pressures and
higher temperatures to bridge laboratory studies and industry-relevant operational conditions.


Your job
- hardware design for elevated temperatures and pressures
- methodological developments for NMR diffusion measurements
- experimental validation for fluid-polymer systems

Your profile
- Master’s degree in natural sciences
- background in NMR is desirable
- strong motivation to experimental work

Interested applicant should send the motivation letter and a curriculum vitae to:
Prof. Dr. Rustem Valiullin,
Leipzig University, IPF 230001
Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences
Felix Bloch Institute for Solid State Physics
Linnestr. 5, 04103 Leipzig