Open PhD position Lyon, protein solid-state NMR, fall 2019

Open PhD position in the Protein Solid-State NMR group of Anja Böckmann in Lyon, France


Disciplines: Structural Biology - NMR - Biochemistry - Viral proteins

Team: Protein Solid-State NMR, PI: Anja Böckmann

Project: Structure and interactions of viral proteins. The project will address the homologous and heterologous interactions of viral capsid proteins which are at the center of virus biogenesis and maturation. The goal is to gain insight into external factors which can modulate these steps in the viral life cycle. The project relies on the use of most advanced NMR and protein production and analysis methods, including cell-free protein synthesis and fast magic-angle spinning high-field NMR.

Skills required: The interested candidate can have a biochemistry or chemistry background, and will, according to her or his interests, either focus on advanced sample preparation approaches (bacterial, cell-free) using analyses by biophysical methods including electron microscopy, or focus on high-field NMR spectroscopy, or both.

Means available: We are located in a fully equipped biochemistry environment, have an array of analysis techniques at hand (including access to electron microscopy platforms), and work with world-wide highest NMR fields at the NMR center in Lyon (500 & 800 MH WB, 700, 800, 1000 MHz SB).

Environment: The Protein Solid-State NMR group is a dynamic team of biochemists and NMR spectroscopists who work together on the goal to better understand molecular function based on protein structure. We focus on viral proteins, since they are exciting molecules which often group a variety of functions in a single protein, which changes structure to adapt to them. NMR is a highly sensitive technique to follow these changes, and represents in this sense a strong partner for other structural techniques as electron miscropcopy and X-ray. We have strong collaborations with NMR methodological groups, as well as with groups from virology, in France and abroad. We are an international team, and a good English level is important for communication.

Starting date: Fall 2019

Applications should include: CV, motivation letter, and grades should be sent to a.bockmann@ibcp.f