PhD and postdoc, NMR in biogeochemistry

We are looking for individuals with a background in NMR spectroscopy and motivation to engage in projects at the interface of plant and soil biogeochemistry, including development of new isotopomer methods for estimating biogeochemical fluxes on centennial timescales, a key unknown in Earth System Models. The successful candidates will work in a collaboration environment  between soil sciences, tree physiology and biophysics.

Project and Tasks: The goal is to understand biogeochemical fluxes from the leaf level to soil organic matter. We will use experiments under controlled conditions, field sites and paleo archives to identify isotopomer signals of key ecosystem processes. Isotopomers describe the abundance of stable heavy isotopes in defined intramolecular groups of a metabolite, and have fundamental advantages as direct reporters of metabolic regulation.

Scientific Surroundings include the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU, and the KBC centre at Umeå University (, Umeå, Northern Sweden. The soil science crators have long lasting experience in boreal soil biogeochemistry with a focus on carbon dynamics and access to state of the art soil science lab and numerous long-term field manipulation experiments. KBC is equipped with state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers for advanced characterization of plant and soil organic matter and isotopomer analysis.

We are looking for individuals who are excited by interdisciplinary work at the interface between chemistry, physiology and biogeosciences. Applications should contain a CV including academic degrees, the names and contact information of two professional references, a list of scientific publications, and a one-page letter describing your motivation for this position.

Position 1: PhD student position (4 years, fully funded) with focus on tracing isotopomer signals from leaf level to paleo archives. Requirements: A master’s university degree in chemistry or a related field. Experience with
NMR or stable isotopes is a merit.

Position 2: Postdoc (2-year stipend) with focus on plant- and tree-physiological experiments for identifying isotopomer signals. Requirements: PhD in plant physiology or a related field.

For further information and application procedure please contact: Professor Jürgen Schleucher, jurgen.schleucher@chem.umu.use, Professor Mats Nilsson,