PhD Position: Biophysical and NMR Investigations of Surface-Associated Antimicrobial Peptides

The laboratory Membrane Biophysics and NMR at the University of Strasbourg has an opening for a PhD position with the goal to investigateantimicrobial peptides associated with membranes or with polymers used in medical applications. The increasing spread of multiresistant pathogens inside and outside hospitals becomes a dangerous threat to human health. Immediate action is needed to overcome this problem and this project aims at preventing such infection in first place by protecting medical devices from bacterial invasion. Antimicrobial peptides are capable of self-assembling into various supramolecular nanostructures in bacterial membranes and they can potentially serve to create materials with antimicrobial activity. By studying the peptides when associated with membranes as well as polymers the project aims at determining which prerequisites need to be fulfilled thus that the antimicrobial compounds keep their activity and to develop new compounds with optimized activities. The project is suitable for chemists, physicists, physical chemists or biochemists.

Candidates should be highly motivated to learn and apply a selection of biophysical techniques such as optical spectroscopies, NMR and/or the biochemical production of peptides. S/he should be interested in working in a highly interdisciplinary and international environment.  The position is funded by a three-year grant from the International Center of Frontier Research in Chemistry and the Alsace Region. Strasbourg is a very nice city on the French side of the Rhine river, at the border to Germany, with easy access to nearby mountains (Vosges, Black Forrest, Alps).

Candidates should send their CV and contact info for up to three references to:

Prof. Burkhard Bechinger,

Web Sites: