PhD in Structural biology at the LBM in Paris, France: Structural characterization of a new class of fluorinated Pin1 inhibitors

PhD Grant: ED 388 - Chimie physique et chimie analytique de Paris Centre

Laboratory: Laboratoire des Biomolécules, UMR 7203 - UPMC-ENS, Paris.

PhD advisors: Emeric Miclet et Ludovic Carlier



The Graduate School “Chimie physique et chimie analytique de Paris Centre” (ED 388) is seeking applications from highly motivated candidates for a 3-year funded doctoral position in Biomolecular NMR. He/She will be involved in investigating NMR methods for structural and dynamic characterizations of complexes between the Pin1 protein involved in several human diseases, and new fluorinated inhibitors. This will require good biophysical understanding and a deep knowledge on biomolecular interactions. The hired student will be collaborating with two teams of experienced scientists: NMR spectroscopists at the LBM (University Pierre et Marie Curie and the Ecole Normale Supérieure,, and Organic chemists at the LCB (University de Cergy Pontoise, The LBM is equipped with several NMR spectrometers for conducting cutting-edge research.



The applicant should have a Master degree and a strong background in biophysics and/or protein expression and purification. Interest and prior knowledge in biochemistry is desired.


Our offer

He/She will become part of the highly renowned UPMC, one of the first French universities of excellence. The graduate school ED388 will actively assist the candidate in achieving a doctoral degree within the scheduled time of three years starting in the fall of 2017. The net salary will be approximately 17100 euros per year. An additional 3200 euros allowance will be granted for PhD students involved in teaching (64h per year).



Applications should comprise a CV and two letters of recommendation. Documents must be sent before May 28th to  and