PhD student Grey group Cambridge: Solid-state NMR of organic shales

The Grey group at the University of Cambridge invites PhD candidates to apply for a project involving advanced solid-state NMR method development combined with multi-spin quantum-mechanical computation. The application is characterization of hydrocarbon-bearing organic shales for potential gas or oil production. A full assay requires evaluation of the immobile organic phases in heterogeneous, mainly inorganic materials. High-resolution magic- angle-spinning NMR experiments will be accompanied by NMR relaxation measurements in the time domain, involving proton-proton dipolar decoupling, different pulses shapes and cycling etc. This will be complemented by improved simulations of the time evolution of increasingly complex spin systems. A proportion of the student’s time will be spent in the sponsor’s low-field NMR laboratory at Schlumberger Gould Research.

Are you interested? Please, contact Dr Pieter Magusin,, Grey Group, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge. The Cambridge college system has specific entry dates for PhD students. So, reply promptly.