Post Doc Vacancy NMR/Structural Biology

There is an immediate opening for a postdoctoral researcher in my lab at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry. This is for our project on the molecular mechanism of rapid and selective transport in the nuclear pore complex, funded by NIH, and using NMR, biophysical chemistry, protein engineering, and simulations (recent publications below).  

You will have access to the outstanding facilities of the NYSBC, and the Einstein Structural NMR Core.

Interested candidates with expertise (PhD, or about to complete) in biomolecular NMR and experience in protein biochemistry and biophysics should email me a biographical sketch including the names of three references.

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162.     Sparks, S., Temel, D., Rout, M., and Cowburn, D. (2018). Deciphering the 'fuzzy' interaction of FG nucleoporins and transport factors using SANS. Structure 26, 477-484 e474.

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Sincerely, David Cowburn

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