Post-doctoral fellows - CERM

The Magnetic Resonance Center (CERM) of the University of Florence invites expressions of interest for post-doctoral fellows in the projects titled
1) "Rationally designed nanogels embedding paramagnetic ions as MRI probes" (latest PRIN call - 2019-2022 - Coordinator Prof. Claudio Luchinat Partners: UniPO, UniTo, UniNa)
The project has the goal of developing new MRI contrast agents based on completely new paradigms to achieve unprecedented relaxation enhancements. The development of quantitative computational models is a core task of the project
2) "Ensemble averaging methods in integrated structural biology" (University of Florence, Coordinator Dr. Enrico Ravera, partners Prof. C. Giannelli and Dr. C. Bracco)
The project has the goal of providing a unifying theoretical framework for ensemble averaging approaches as well as an efficient software framework to promote a deeper understanding of ensemble averaging within the broad community of structural biologists.
3) "NMR of proteins of pharmaceutical relevance" The project is in collaboration with Pharma companies and has the goal of developing high-sensitivity and high-resolution NMR methods (solid-state and solution) for the study of protein drugs. The main target is to obtain a quick and reliable quality assurance method that can be routinely applied to biological drugs.

The Department of Chemistry has been consistently ranked first in Italy, and in top positions in Europe, in Research Assessment Exercises held over the last decade. Moreover, the Department has been recently awarded the title of "Department of Excellence", and received extra funding, by the Italian Ministry of Education, for the 2018-2022 period. The Magnetic Resonance Center (CERM) is one of the largest facilities for magnetic resonance worldwide and has developed a unique experience in paramagnetic systems. CERM is the Italian center of Instruct-ERIC, landmark of the ESFRI roadmap. It is equipped with eleven NMR spectrometers, for solution and solid state, from very high (950 MHz) to very low magnetic fields (0.01-50 MHz as relaxometer), and will be equipped with the 1.2 GHz instrument. The majority of the NMR instruments are equipped with cryoprobes. A new X-band/pulsed Q-band EPR spectrometer is also available. A cryo-electron microscope is currently being installed. Concerning its computational infrastructure, CERM has a new computer cluster, composed of 16 blades each harboring four processors with 16 cores each for a total of 1024 cores. In addition, a small GPU cluster, composed of three servers each hosting two NVIDIA K20 GPUs, is present. Further, CERM is, via the CIRMMP Interuniversity Consortium, a member of the Italian Grid Initiative. This enables opportunistic access to several thousands of CPUs within the European Grid Initiative.

What we offer:
– "Assegno di Ricerca" post-doctoral fellowship (1450 € net amount per month, net of social security charges-susceptible of change on the basis of the social security charges’ rates during the duration of the contract).
– Work in a dynamic group engaged in international collaborations.
– High profile publications in chemical, physical or mathematical journals

Whom are we looking for:
1. Ph.D. degree in chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer sciences
2. Willingness to gain/improve programming skills (preferably MATLAB and/or Python) and/or NMR spectroscopy

Applicants should express their interest by sending an email to, or or or, including a Curriculum Vitae with publications list and the name of two scientists who are familiar with the applicant's work. Candidates could be invited for a seminar. There are no restrictions regarding the nationality of the applicants.

Please note that this is a call for interest, not a job vacancy announcement; i.e., this call is only a preliminary stage aimed at collecting expressions of interest, and it is not a formal call for positions. Post-doctoral fellowships in Italy can only be awarded through a public competition. On the basis of the collected EoIs, the Department will decide the time for opening the position and issuing the call. The applicants will be contacted about the formal opening of the position and the required documentation.
For additional information, please contact us at:, or or or