Postdoc and technician position available at the University of Leicester

A 3 year postdoctoral position and a 3-year part-time (60%) technician position are available in the laboratory of Dr. Cyril Dominguez, University of Leicester.


The BBSRC-funded project will consist of using NMR (postdoctoral position) and Mass spectrometry (technician position) to map post-translational modifications of Sam68 in nuclear extracts and in cells and evaluate the contribution of these modifications on Sam68 alternative splicing functions.


For more information on Sam68 protein, see our recent article:


More details on the grant can be found at:


For more information please contact Cyril Dominguez (


To apply, please follow these links (deadline for application is on the 7th of September):


postdoctoral position:


Technician position:


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Cyril Dominguez