Postdoc in biomolecular SSNMR - protein aggregation & protein-lipid interactions

The Van der Wel lab is looking for a postdoc candidate with a background in NMR, preferably solid-state NMR, to join our research effort focused on protein aggregation and protein-lipid interactions. More information on our research and recent publications can be found below and on our website at 
Potentially interested parties are encouraged to email any questions and/or (informal) inquiries to
Patrick van der Wel

Research topics: 

The researcher is expected to join the Van der Wel lab to contribute to our NIH-funded research. One focus in the lab is the use of MAS NMR to study amyloid structure and protein aggregation with a particular focus on polyglutamine-expanded proteins implicated in Huntington’s Disease. Another key focus is on the study by ssNMR of membrane structure and dynamics, as well as protein-lipid interactions, in particular in context of mitochondrial apoptosis, which has important implications for neurodegenerative disease and cancer research. 

Selected recent publications: (online access here )


  • Mandal et al. (2015) Structural Changes and Proapoptotic Peroxidase Activity of Cardiolipin-Bound Mitochondrial Cytochrome c. Biophys. J., 109(9), 1873–84.
  • Hoop et al. (2016) Huntingtin exon 1 fibrils feature an interdigitated β-hairpin-based polyglutamine core. PNAS, 113(6), 1546–51. 
  • Merg et al. (2016) Peptide-Directed Assembly of Single-Helical Gold Nanoparticle Superstructures Exhibiting Intense Chiroptical Activity. JACS, 138(41), 13655–63. 
  • Boatz et al. (2017) Cataract-associated P23T γD-crystallin retains a native-like fold in amorphous-looking aggregates formed at physiological pH. Nat Commun, 8, 15137. 



Our facility houses wide-bore 600MHz and 750MHz Bruker ssNMR spectrometers outfitted with 4-, 3.2-, 1.9-, and 1.3-mm CP/MAS as well as static ssNMR probes. Additional facilities include state-of-the-art EM, X-ray and solution NMR instrumentation, with the latter including 700, 800, and 900 MHz spectrometers. Excellent resources are available for protein production, biophysical and computational studies. The lab is housed in the interdisciplinary Dept of Structural Biology, one of the basic science departments of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA). 

Application/More Information.

For more detailed information on these projects, links to related publications, and other information please visit the lab website at To apply, or to obtain more information, please contact Patrick van der Wel by email at Applications are expected to include a cover letter (or “cover email”) explaining specific research interests, a CV, and the names and contact information for three reference writers.