Postdoc in Bordeaux - Structural biology/biochemistry

Postdoctoral position in Structural Biology/Biochemistry

Institut Europeen de Chimie et Biologie/European Institute of Biology and Chemistry
(Inserm unit U1212 in Bordeaux, France)

24-30 months - starting November 2019

Project description - We are looking for an experienced Postdoc to join a new project recently funded by the Human Frontier Science Program to look at enhancing mitochondrial DNA fidelity to improve mammalian lifespan and healthspan. The recruited postdoc will help to characterize a mitochondrial protein initially acquired from a virus, and now found in certain coral species that exhibit a lowered mitochondrial evolution rate. The protein shares some features with the bacterial and human MUTS proteins, and is predicted to contribute to mismatch repair in the mitochondria. The overall project goal is to understand the role of these proteins, and to use them in mammal models to test the effects on mtDNA mutation rate. Ultimately, an ageing study on mice expressing an optimized version of the protein will determine if enhanced mtDNA fidelity can positively affect organismal lifespan and healthspan.

Specific aims - The recruited postdoc will use a structure-function approach to perform an in vitro dissection of these uncharacterized coral mt-MutS proteins. Full-length proteins from several species and a reconstructed ancestral sequence will be investigated by a variety of biophysical and structural approaches. Isolated domains will also be used for high-resolution structural analysis by diverse biochemical techniques to probe molecular details of binding and nuclease activity for understanding and improving function.

Requirements - The desired candidate will have experience in structural biology techniques with an emphasis on biomolecular NMR, but also crystallography or cryo-EM. Alternatively, the candidate may have a strong background in biochemical characterization of enzymes that act on DNA/RNA. Candidates with prior postdoc experience (2-4 years) are encouraged to apply, and those who are recent PhD graduates will also be considered.

To apply - Interested candidates should send a curriculum vitae and the contact information for two referees to before 31 July 2019 (or use the link The start date for the position is expected to be November 2019, and will have a duration of 24-30 months.
Location - The European Institute of Chemistry and Biology/Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie (IECB) ( was founded in 1998 and hosts diverse and international groups covering a wide range of scientific interests. Local resources include access to 700MHz and 800MHz spectrometers, cryo-EM, SAXS/crystallography, mass spectrometry, SPR, ITC, as well as biochemical and structural biology technical services and a wide range of analytical equipment.

Contact person: Cameron Mackereth
Address: Institut Europeen de Chimie et Biologie, Inserm U1212, 2 rue Robert Escarpit, 33607 Pessac France
Phone: +33 540003432