Postdoc in Lewandowski and Challis groups at University of Warwick, UK - Protein-protein interactions in natural products megasynthesases

A 26-month BBSRC-funded postdoc position is available in the Lewandowski and Challis groups ( & ) in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom.

Duration: 26 months | Start: Oct 2018 | Application deadline: 28 Aug 2018

Full advertisement and application:

The applicant will carry out laboratory-based research on the role played by protein-protein interactions in natural product megasynth(et)ases under the supervision of Dr Józef Lewandowski and Prof Greg Challis as part of a BBSRC funded project. The project will involve combination of chemical biology, solid-state and solution-state NMR and other biophysical techniques.

Experience in applying solution and/or solid-state NMR spectroscopy to elucidating the structures and/or dynamics of proteins is advantageous and a good knowledge of techniques for the overproduction and purification of recombinant proteins is essential.

The applicant will join a highly interdisciplinary collaborative team (the applicant will be exposed to a wide variety of techniques and approaches) under the supervision of Dr Józef Lewandowski ( and in collaboration with Prof. Greg Challis (


  • The Warwick Laboratory for Magnetic Resonance ( is a worldclass biological and material science magnetic resonance set up hosting 7 academic staff from Physics and Chemistry and housing a suite of 9 solid-state NMR spectrometers (from 100 to 850 MHz; a ¾ of 700 MHz solid-state NMR spectrometer time is dedicated to the project), 2 dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) spectrometers (94 and 200/400 GHz) and advanced EPR instrumentation. The group has a dedicated to the project. A wide range of magic angle spinning probes is available in the laboratory including several 1.3 mm probes (< 67 kHz spinning), 0.81 mm probe (100 kHz spinning) and 3x 0.7 mm probes (111 kHz). Solution NMR facilities include 500, 600 and 700 MHz spectrometers.
  • The Chemical Biology Research Facility at University of Warwick ( provides cutting edge infrastructure for organic synthesis, molecular biology, protein chemistry, microbiology, radiochemistry, biophysical and biochemical analysis.

Informal inquiries should be directed to Józef Lewandowski ( and Greg Challis ( and formal applications submitted at until Aug 28 2018.