Postdoctoral positions in the Chazin group

A Postdoctoral/Research Associate position in the Chazin laboratory at Vanderbilt University is available for highly motivated cell biologists, biochemists, and structural biologists to study multi-domain proteins and multi-protein complexes involved in DNA replication, damage response, and repair.  Projects include investigating the mechanistic basis for DNA priming and inter-disciplinary research on the role of 4Fe-4S clusters and DNA charge transport in priming [e.g. O’Brien et al., Science 355, 813 & eaag1789, 2017].  These positions involve aspects of advanced protein engineering and cutting edge structural biology (integrated NMR, crystallography, SAXS, cryo EM, and modeling).

A second Postdoctoral/Research Associate position is available in the area of infectious disease.  This position is for study of the role of calprotectin (CP) in the innate immune response to infection by pathogenic organisms.  The candidate will join a team carrying out highly inter-disciplinary research in collaboration with microbiologist Eric P. Skaar.  The position will involve aspects of protein engineering, structural and chemical biology.  X-ray crystallography, NMR, cryo EM and SAXS are being used to study the interaction of CP with the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE).  The research also includes fragment-based discovery of small molecule inhibitors of the activation of the receptor for advanced glycation end products by CP.

The positions provide an excellent opportunity to become experienced in the integrated applications of advanced structural/dynamics and chemical biology methods at the cutting edge of genome maintenance or infectious disease medicine and biology.  Applicants will work in multi-disciplinary teams with an extensive network of collaborators working on fundamental biology and clinical applications, and will be encouraged to develop their leadership potential.  Compensation includes moving expenses, a highly competitive salary and benefits.  To apply, send a cover letter, CV and at least two references to