Radboud University Christine Mohrmann Fellowships

The Faculty of Science at Radboud University (Nijmegen, Netherlands) initiated the Christine Mohrmann Fellowship programme in 2016 to attract and promote talented young women with outstanding potential in the natural sciences. In this third round Mohrmann fellowships are available in the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) and in the HFML-FELIX facility in the fields of Chemistry and Physics. The focus areas in our search include, but are not limited to

- Chemical biology, more in particular medicinal (neuro)chemistry (experimental)
- Complex molecular systems, chemical reaction networks (experimental or computational)
- Quantum dynamics, cold collisions (computational)
- Physical chemistry, atomic and molecular physics (experimental)
- Advanced Spectroscopy, solid state physics (experimental or computational)
- Advanced THz spectroscopy in high magnetic fields at HFML-FELIX (experimental)

The fellowship comprises a tenure track in which the Fellow starts as an Assistant Professor (UD) in a temporary position, with the prospect of a permanent appointment within six years. The faculty also welcomes applications from women with a more senior profile and will be happy to offer them a customized tenure track. The fellowship includes an attractive start-up package and an excellent guidance and mentoring programme.
Application deadline: 30 September 2019

More information can be found on the website