Senior staff scientist / principal research engineer

Two positions as Senior staff scientist (principal research engineer) are open at the Swedish NMR Centre.

One position concerns statistical analysis of experimental NMR data. For the compete job advertisement and information on how to apply:

You will work project-oriented with a focus on processing and statistical analysis of experimental NMR data, e.g. NMR-based metabolomics and NMR-based Structural Biology.

You have a PhD exam in mathematics, physics or equivalent and strong background in univariate (t-test, ANOVA, multiple testing) and multivariate (PCA, PLS, PLS-DA) statistics for the analysis of large data sets and also the integration of multiple data sets. Knowledge of non-linear modeling (SVM, neural networks), Bayesian analysis and signal processing is desirable. Applicants should be proficient in at least one programming language (Matlab, R, Python) Previous experience in bioinformatics (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics), molecular modeling, and structural biology is a plus.

One position concerns small molecule NMR and macromolecular NMR. For the compete job advertisement and information on how to apply:

You will work with NMR analysis in a broad perspective from organic small molecules or peptides to NMR of proteins and biological macromolecules and among other things carry out structural studies, interaction studies and dynamics studies.

You have a PhD exam in chemistry, physics or equivalent and a documented strong background in theoretical and applied NMR spectroscopy where you have been working with both small molecules and biological macromolecules. You have proven experience in processing and analyzing NMR-data for structure determination and structural dynamics of small molecules and biological macromolecules, and experience of developing NMR experiments.
Experience in implementation of NMR experiments, administration of NMR systems and supervision of students is a merit.