Two PhD studentships - Neural networks in EPR

Neural network analysis of quantum processes

This project is about training and reverse-engineering deep neural networks that process and interpret magnetic resonance data. Earlier this year, we created a family of neural networks that recovered molecular distance distributions from electron spin resonance data ( However, it is utterly unclear how the networks accomplish what is actually, without careful regularisation, an impossible mathematical operation. The aim of this project is to find out. Further details are available at (

Two 4-year studentships are available; they are open to UK and EU nationals, and include all applicable university fees, as well as a tax-free stipend of £15,009 per year. It is likely that the students will make a major contribution to both quantum theory and artificial intelligence by exploring, developing, and analysing neural networks that process spectroscopic data. This project is a collaboration with ETH Zurich (Prof Gunnar Jeschke) and Weizmann Institute (Prof Daniella Goldfarb), and will involve visits to both of these institutions.

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