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The miniPERM Bioreactor

High concentration In vitro production of monoclonal antibody in miniperm bioreactor. Description miniPERM is an easy-to-use bioreactor which was developed for the efficient cultivation of cells in high density, and the production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. Both suspension cells and adherent cells can be cultivated in miniPERM. miniPERM is an effective alternative to static culture, roller bottles and fermentor systems because high concentrations of cell products can be obtained in small volumes. miniPERM offers a wide application spectrum for laboratory and research.
Besides the cultivation of hybridoma cells for antibody production and the cultivation of transfected cells for the production of recombinant proteins, miniPERM can also be used for the production of biomass. Due to the optimized two-chamber-system, high cell densities and product concentrations can be achieved. The cell concentration can be as 106 to 206cells/ml and the volume per run is 25-30ml, and the concentration of the antibody is 0.5mg/ml to 5mg/ml.

More details can be found here: invitro.pdf

Production of monoclonal antibodies in the miniPERM™ bioreactor: comparison with other hybridoma culture methods

Production of monoclonal antibodies in the miniPERMÂbioreactor: comparison with other hybridoma culture methods F.W. Falkenberg

Liquid nitrogen storage facility

N2 freezer for cell storage. Cryopreservation of the cells. Hybridomas can be kept frozen in liquid nitrogen for many years. We can also keep in our N2 freezer hybridomas from other lab.

Antibody purification on ACTA-PURE

We can purify the antibody on protein A or G column, either from serum as polyclonal antibody or monoclonal antibody after the large-scale preparation.
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