Bioinformatics: LSCF How to order

How much does Bioinformatics Support costs?

Kickoff meetings to program future experiments, short phone consultations and courses are free of charge. All other Bioinformatics and Consulting support from the Bioinformatics Unit are charged.
The current pricing scheme contemplates three categories for groups, based on the type, complexity, extent and frequency of the analysis and consulting provided:

Analysis and Consulting: Mini Use (upto 8 hours)
Analysis and Consulting: Light Use (upto 16 hours)
Analysis and Consulting: Medium Use (upto 80 hours)
Analysis and Consulting: Heavy Use (upto 160 hours)
Consulting per hour

The subscription is per scientific group (Principal Investigator) for consulting/analysis with any and all members of the unit and is valid for six months.

How to pay for Bioinformatics Support ?

For Weizmann Institute Users

  1. Open the Internal Services Under Life Sciences Core Facilities
  2. From the list of services select Bioinformatics biology (Dena Leshkowitz)
  3. Enter all the details and select the level of Analysis and Consulting that you wish to order
  4. Click Send.

For External Users

  1. All users from outside the Weizmann Institute of Science must have an active service agreement (commercial users, academic users) when receiving Bioinformatics Support.
  2. Ask the Bioinformatics Unit staff you plan to get support from what's your level of Analysis and Consulting
  3. Contact the Biological Services Administration (Tel: +972-8-934-3936/3938 ) for instructions on how to send by FAX (Fax: +972-8-934-4113 ) the required payment.