Genomics, Sandbox Safety

Safety procedures

  • Users coming to work in our lab are required to wear a lab-coat and closed shoes at all times and refrain from food or drink.
  • As some reagents used in the lab may be hazardous, refrain from leaning on benches or touching any wet-lab area with bare hands
  • Do not touch ANY equipment if not explicitly allowed to do so.
  • Users using the LCM, the Cryostat or the Arrayer must be qualified to do so by a unit member
  • Hidden laser beams are used inside both Affymetrix and Agilent scanners. NEVER attempt to open the instrument beyond placing the array in its slot.
  • Laser beams are used inside the PALM MicroBeam system. NEVER attempt to open the instrument. Always turn on the system only as instructed, WITHOUT TOUCHING THE LASER KEY.
  • Never open the door of the Genome Analyzer without permission whether it is running or idle.