Scientific Software Integration

The Scientific Software Integration unit provides a variety of software solutions for the WIS labs. The service includes: automation software, data acquisition, instrument integration and data analysis. The final product, which includes a convenient GUI (Graphical User Interface), frees up scientist’s time, generates high-throughput data and helps to keep organized data for years to come.

  • LabVIEW for system integration, computer vision, data analysis, database server and control services
  • MATLAB for modeling services
  • C, Scala, Visual Basic, Igor Pro and more – for other needs.
  • Systems integration service – software for integrating different instruments into one cohesive instrument
  • Computer vision service – software for the detection of objects in an image
  • Data analysis service – software for constructing complex fitting functions for experimental data
  • Database server service – software for storing and retrieval of measured data
  • Control service – software for controlling one or more process variables (temperature, pressure, etc.)
  • Reviving of old code service –updating old code or old software by new features, including debugging
  • Consultation service
  1. WISDOM instrument | Prof. Yinon Rudich’s Lab
    • A system for capturing movies of the nucleation process of micron sized water droplets was developed in Labview (hardware integration of a microscope camera and a Linkam cooling stage)
    • Identification of micron sized water droplets and their corresponding ice nucleation temperature (image analysis performed using Labview)
  2. SPARTAN network | Prof. Yinon Rudich’s Lab
    • Integration of multiple measurement instruments (Optical Particle Counter, Nephelometer, Meteorological system) was developed and deployed in Labview
    • A real-time data from the station -  website showing real-time data from the station was developed in Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  3. Automation of a Raman spectrometer | Dr. Omer Yaffe’s Lab
    • Raman measurements on selected points on the surface of a sample (Integration of a motorized stage, a microscope camera and a Horiba Raman spectrometer using Labview, vbs, and Igor PRO)
    • SQL Database integration of test results and instrument parameters