Innovative Teacher Education in Mathematics (ITEM)

The ITEM project aims to help undergraduate engineering students to recognize the relevance and potential contribution of mathematics to their academic and professional aspirations. The project’s goals are to: (a) design and support the integration of real-life problems that demonstrate the application of Mathematics in today’s technology in Calculus I and Linear Algebra I courses; (b) develop resources for incorporating mobile tools and visualizations in the instruction in these courses; (c) develop software that enable teachers to identify early students that are left behind and to provide these students with the needed support; (d) develop modules about effective teaching and learning in undergraduate mathematics courses for engineering students; (e) conduct teacher training in Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Project Oriented Based Learning (POPBL).

The ITEM is a consortium of 16 partners from Programme Countries Institutions (Greece, Spain, Austria, Sweden, North Macedonia) and Partner Countries Institutions (Israel, Kosovo, Uzbekistan). The WIS team, including Dr. Ronnie Karsenty, Prof. Boris Koichu, Dr. Jason Cooper and Dr. Alon Pinto is responsible for Quality Assessment working package of the ITEM.

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