Graduate students


  • 2013-present: Ariel Steiner, Ph.D. Student (with Prof. Safran)
  • 2012-present: Nava Shulman, Postdoctoral fellow (with Prof. Safran)
  • 2011-present: Sawsan Ailabouni, Ph.D. Student (with Dr. Rafi Safadi)


  • 2014: Menashe Puterkovski, Ph.D. Student (with Dr. Bagno), currently lecturer, David Yalin College and Lev Institute, Jerusalem
  • 2013: Elon Langbeheim, Ph.D. Student (with Prof. Safran), currently postdoctoral fellow, Faculty of Education, Haifa University
  • 2011: Sawsan Ailabouni, Ms.C. Student (with Dr. Safadi), currently Ph.D. student
  • 2010: Elisheva Cohen, Postdoctoral fellow, currently Lecturer at David Yellin College, Jerusalem; MECHINA, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; MY College, Or-Yehuda
  • 2002: Rachel Seggev, Ms.C. Student (with Prof. Eylon), currently physics teacher, Vitso school. Haifa