WIN Program


Weizmann International Systems Biology Scholars Program (WIN)

We offer excellent graduates in Biology, Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics an opportunity to link with leaders ( in the field of Systems Biology at the Weizmann Institute and worldwide. The new innovative program offers:

1) Independent Fellow positions. Fellows are expected to develop a 2-3 years independent research program in systems biology, collaborating and enjoying mentorship from one or more Weizmann PI’s. Theoretical, experimental or combined programs are welcomed. Experimental space will be based on a hosting WIS lab. Some dedicated research funds will be available annually to the Fellows, in addition to internal funding, opportunities and support from the hosting experimental lab if relevant. The program also covers a full scholarship, housing support and a generous travel budget.

2) Collaborative PostDoctoral positions. These Fellows will be jointly mentored by a WIS and non-WIS PI. WIN collaborative PostDocs will be expected to spend at least 50% of the time at the Weizmann Institute, but will otherwise be free to move between the Institutions to facilitate collaboration. The program will fund scholarships, WIS housing support and travel budget. Applicants must identify a Weizmann Institute PI mentor and together propose the collaborating non-WIS lab. Selections will be based on candidates excellence.

Who should apply? Excellent foreign graduates with proven record in quantitative/systems biology research. Significant contribution to at least one paper published in a leading topical or general journal (e.g. IF > 5) is expected.

How to apply: Send your CV including your list of publications, together with a letter of reference from your advisor to A letter from a WIS PI expressing interest is a plus. It is possible to apply for the Fellow as well as the collaborative PostDoc programs.

Applications submission  by October 15th . Outstanding candidates are, however, welcome to apply earlier. Suitable candidates will be invited to visit WIS for interviews and a seminar during the spring. 

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