Science teaching in focus in Argentina

Date: Monday, December 2, 2019

Prof. Abraham Arcavi, from the Department of Science Teaching, visited Argentina in October to give a series of lectures on mathematics didactics at the University of La Plata and the University of San Martín.


During his visit, Samy Gliksberg from the Argentinian Friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science, hosted an event for close friends of the Association to welcome Prof. Arcavi and his wife. Also in attendance was President of the Argentinian Society, Dr. Hugo Sigman, and the Society’s Vice President, Jaime Garbarsky. Prof. Arcavi described his research on instruction in the hard sciences at the primary and secondary education levels. Born and raised in Argentina, Prof. Arcavi received his undergraduate degree as a mathematician Argentina, and continued his training in Israel.


Separately, November 10, the acclaimed Argentine humorist Roberto Moldavsky visited the Weizmann Institute for first time. Moldavsky, who lived in Israel in the past, said during the visit that he lived near the Institute but had never entered. On campus, he experienced the interactive exhibitions at the Levinson Visitors Center; met Argentinean-born Prof. Karina Yaniv and saw her lab; visited the Chaim Weizmann House, and visited Casa San Martin, built in 1959 with the support of the Argentinean friends.