Weizmann lecture in Liechtenstein

Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Weizmann lecture in Liechtenstein took place on November 23 in Vaduz.

The Society of Friends in Liechtenstein was established in 2016 and is chaired by Mrs. Rita Kieber- Beck, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Culture and Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities; she also previously served as Deputy Head of Government. Mrs. Kieber Beck also headed other leading government positions.

Prof. Ada Yonath, the keynote speaker, addressed members of the Society of Friends of Liechtenstein and shared her research and challenges as they relate to the next generation of antibiotics.

Prof. Yonath visited the Liechtenstein National Museum. The principality will celebrate 300 years of independence in 2018.

Mrs. Kieber-Beck and board members of the Society hosted Prof. Yonath for dinner at a vineyard with a beautiful view of Liechtenstein Castle.