Young European friends’ events in Hungary and Belgium

Date: Thursday, October 19, 2017
L to R: Prof. Blanpain, Mr. Kandiyoti, and Dr. Hanna

L to R: Prof. Blanpain, Mr. Kandiyoti, and Dr. Hanna

The Hungarian Chapter of the Weizmann Young European Network (WYEN) celebrated its first festive event in Hungary in April, featuring Prof. Varda Rotter from the Department of Molecular Cell Biology as keynote speaker. She spoke about the genetics of cancer.

Dr. Tamás Bellák, a WYEN board member, organized the gathering. WYEN, chaired by Dr. Christian Tidona, is recruiting new members across Europe. The Hungarian Society of Friends is led by co-chairmen Dr. Bellak and Dr. István Réczicza.

A second WYEN event took place in Brussels, in June. It was hosted by Claude Kandiyoti, a WYEN Board member, and was held at the home of Adnan and Diane Kandiyoti. More than 80 guests attended and heard from keynote speakers Dr. Jacob Hanna, from the Department of Molecular Genetics and his Belgian peer, Prof. Cédric Blanpain, from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

Prof. Blanpain spoke about stem cells and their potential in treating disease and repairing tissues. Bob Drake, President of the European Committee, and H.E. Simona Frankel, Ambassador of Israel to Belgium and Luxembourg, greeted the guests. Christian Tidona addressed the guests and described WYEN’s unique philosophy.

Members of the Board of the Belgian Society of Friends and Christian Hendboeg, its Chairman, were in attendance, at the first such event in Brussels.