Danna Azrieli speaks to Science Club members

Date: Monday, December 2, 2019

Danna Azrieli spoke at a gathering of the WeizmannVibe (of the next-generation group of the Israel Friends of the Weizmann Institute) on September 8.

She spoke about her late father, David Azrieli, who was a Holocaust survivor who had arrived in Palestine in 1942 and was later mocked and criticized for his building of the Ayalon Mall in Tel Aviv. He persevered, and even planted an olive tree in the mall’s parking lot (it’s still there today) to show that his staying power. He later moved to Canada and built his real estate empire in that country.


Danna is a Zionist, a traditionalist, who made aliya at age 32 and leads the largest real estate group in the country, which now owns 19 malls.