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Postdoctoral Scholarships


There are a wide range of postdoctoral scholarships and fellowships available, including those specifically for women scientists:

ELSC Brain Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship for Training Abroad

Fellowships provide for the first year of study abroad. Fellowships will not be extended over one year. The amount of the basic fellowship is up to $45,000.


Human Frontier Science Program Postdoctoral Fellowship

Long-Term Fellowships (LTF) are for applicants with a PhD in a biological discipline and wish to broaden their expertise by proposing a project in the life sciences which is significantly different from their previous PhD or postdoctoral work.

Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships (CDF) are for applicants with a PhD from outside the life sciences (e.g. in physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineeringת or computer sciences), who have had limited exposure to biology during their previous training.

Up to 3 years, with no possibility for renewal.
Year 1: ~ 46,800, year 2: ~48,720, year 3: ~50,000 (dependent on the country)


European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Long Term Fellowship

The fellowship is for up to two years and supports postdoctoral research visits to laboratories throughout Europe and the world.*

The stipend is a subsistence allowance and is intended to cover the cost of living in the host country. The stipend rate depends on the country being visited.


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Research Fellowship

The applicants can submit their proposals as Standard EF to one of the eight main evaluation panels: Chemistry (CHE), Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC), Economic Sciences (ECO), Information Science and Engineering (ENG), Environment and Geosciences (ENV), Life Sciences (LIF), Mathematics (MAT), Physics (PHY).

~ 4650 euro per month,  for 2 years.


International Brain Research Organization

Fellowships of up to €35,000 for supporting postdoctoral training for applicants under the age of 45, for up to one year abroad.


Blavatnik Postdoctoral Fellowship

Fellowship for Israelis who are pursuing studies at the University of Cambridge.

Fellows will receive an annual stipend of £30,000, and the fellowship will be tenable for up to two years. The first three Fellows will pursue research in the areas of Engineering, Biology, and Physics. 


The Life Science Research Foundation

The award is $60,000 a year for three years ($180,000 total). $50,000 a year is for the fellow's stipend/salary and the remaining $10,000 a year is a research allowance for the fellow.
Individuals who have held a PhD or MD degree for more than 5 years at the time of application are not eligible for an LSRF fellowship.


The Helen Hay Whitney Foundation

This award is only available to US citizens, and supports early postdoctoral research training in all basic biomedical sciences.

Candidates who hold, or are in the final stages of obtaining a PhD, MD, or equivalent degree and are planning to pursue postdoctoral training in basic biomedical research, are eligible to apply for a fellowship. The Foundation accepts applications from candidates who have no more than one year of postdoctoral research experience at the time of the deadline for submitting the application.

Fellowships are available for three years. Year 1: $51,000, year 2: $52,000, year 3: $53,000



Postdoctoral Fellowships

Rothschild Fellowship (Yad Hanadiv)

  • Open to Israeli citizens or permanent residents.
  • An option for a split fellowship exists (The Dual Location Fellowship), intended for candidates that cannot move abroad for a year and plan to conduct research in two labs, abroad and in Israel. The fellowship funds the time spent abroad. Candidates must spend 12 months, over three years, abroad.
  • The fellowship is for $40,000 for one year and can be divided between two years if the candidate receives an additional fellowship, on condition that the annual total is at least $40,000 and does not exceed $75,000. 
  • A call for applications is sent by the FGS around June. The application is submitted through the FGS.


Fulbright Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in the United States

  • Candidates must be Israeli citizens. Dual American-Israeli citizens or permanent residents of the United States are not eligible to apply.
  • The period of the award is nine to twelve months.
  • The fellowship provides a $37,500 award, accident, and emergency insurance for the grantee only, of up to $50,000, J-1 visa administration,
  • Candidates should apply directly to Fulbright, downloading the form from the website. Application opens around December,


The Society of Fellows, Harvard University - Junior Fellowship

  • Recipients may pursue their studies in any department of the University, free from formal requirements, and do not have to be assigned to any lab.
  • The stipend is around $72,000 per year for a period of three years.
  • Candidates are nominated for Junior Fellowships, generally by their supervisors. The deadline for nominations is around August.


MIT Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics

  • Recipients will have an independent, unrestricted choice of research focus and direction within the MIT Department of Physics.
  • A competitive annual stipend for first-year fellows in the 2015-16 academic year, with annual cost-of-living increases for the remaining two years, combined with $5,000 per academic year in untaxed, discretionary research funds; and MIT Affiliate Health Plan insurance coverage for fellows and their dependents.
  • A candidate must be nominated by a faculty member or senior researcher in physics, astronomy, or related fields.
  • Call-for-Nominations opens around the end of July.


Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards in Studying Complex Systems (McDonnell Foundation)

  • Eligibility: PhD students within 18 months of anticipated completion of graduate training.
  • Amount: $200,000
  • Duration: 2-3 years
  • The deadline is around mid June.


Society in Science – The Branco Weiss Fellowship

  • The society in science fellows can work in any academic institution in the world.
  • The funding is CHF 100,000/year (around $104,000 ) for up to five years.
  • Applicants born before 1982 are not eligible (for 2015).
  • Applicants that have not received their PhD by January 15 are not eligible (for 2015).
  • The deadline for applications is around January.


The Newton International Fellowship

  • Applicants should have a clearly defined and mutually-beneficial research proposal agreed with a UK host scientist.
  • UK citizens are not eligible.
  • Funding consists of £24,000 per annum for subsistence costs, and up to £8,000 per annum research expenses, as well as a one-off payment of up to £2,000 for relocation expenses.
  • Newton Fellowships last for two years.
  • Currently there are two rounds per year. The first round opens in January and is a global call for researchers from all over the world. The second round usually opens in July and is for applicants from specific Newton Fund countries.


The Technion and MIT Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

  • The program is intended for PhD graduates interested in post-doctoral positions at various Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry departments in MIT.
  • The scholarship for the first year is $45,000-55,000, partial funding for the second year may be available.
  • Materials should be submitted directly to the contact person in the Technion.
  • The deadline for application is around February.


The Chateaubriand Fellowship

  • The Fellowship is intended for PhD students interested in conducting research in France.
  • Before applying for a fellowship, the candidates must contact the host institution to secure a position.
  • These scholarships are available for a period of 12 consecutive months, with a monthly stipend of  €2,466. Health insurance and a round-way airline ticket are also provided.
  • The deadline for proposals is the end of January.


An extensive list of postdoctoral fellowships, including specific fields, is available in Hebrew on the Tel Aviv University website.


Postdoctoral Fellowships for Women

Combined Weizmann – Abroad Postdoctoral Program for Advancing Women in Science

  • For female PhD graduates who are unable to relocate for a conventional postdoc abroad and want to combine research in a Weizmann Institute laboratory with a leading laboratory in another country.
  • The fellowships will provide $10,000 per year for two years, with an option to extend for an additional two years, if necessary.
  • The funding will be used for travel, accommodation, and per diem costs of the fellow related to the collaboration with the overseas laboratory.
  • A call for applications is sent by the FGS around June. The application is submitted through the FGS.
  • This year's deadline is October 8, 2015.


The Weizmann Institute of Science National Postdoctoral Program for Advancing Women in Science

  • Candidates must already be accepted as a postdoctoral researcher in a leading research group overseas.
  • Candidates must have additional outside funding from a granting agency or from the research group from which the applicant has already received acceptance.
  • The fellowships will provide $20,000 per year for two years.
  • The deadline for application submissions is May.


The Council for Higher Education program for Postdoctoral Scholarships for outstanding students

  • In order to receive the scholarship, a student must have other scholarships in hand.
  • Preferred fields of study: engineering, physical sciences, and computer science.
  • The fellowships will provide $15,000-25,000 per year for two years.
  • A call for applications is sent by the FGS around March. The application is submitted through the FGS.
  • The deadline is around May.


AAUW International Fellowships

  • The scholarship is intended for funding of postdoctoral studies in the USA for students who do not have American citizenship.
  • The application deadline is December 1.
  • The fellowship will provide funding of $30,000.


UNESCO-L'OREAL Israel Scholarships for Young Life Science Students

  • A scholarship for funding postdoctoral studies for PhD women up to the age of 35.
  • Field of study: life science.
  • Two scholarships of 50,000 NIS each.
  • A call for applications is sent by the FGS around July.
  • The application deadline is September 1.


Ministry of Science and Technology, Shulamit Aloni Scholarships for Advancing Women in Exact Sciences and Engineering

  • Scholarships for PhD students in exact sciences and engineering.
  • Four scholarships of 250,000 NIS for three years each.
  • Application is directly to the Ministry of Science and Energy.


There are various financial aid packages and scholarships available for women around the world at all degree levels, offered from a large number of organizations and institutions. Click here for more information.