The Amos de-Shalit Foundation

Haim Harari, Chairman
The Annenberg Professor of High Energy Physics

The Foundation bearing the name of Amos de-Shalit was formally established in 1974 on the fifth anniversary of his death. A living memorial to the founder and first head of the Weizmann Institute's Department of Nuclear Physics, and later of its Department of Science Teaching, the Foundation's main goal is to foster an increased awareness of the role of science among young Israelis.

This year's activities included:

The Amos de-Shalit Science Workshop - This intensive on-campus residential two-week summer program, organized by the Young@Science Department, is for the top Israeli 11th and 12th grade graduates. This year the scholarships were doubled to the amount of up to $1,000 per scholarship. Out of the eighteen students who participated - five were granted scholarships. The Foundation also sponsored this activity.

The Amos de-Shalit Popular Science Lectures - A series of three lectures by prominent Weizmann Institute scientists open to the public was organized by the Young@Science Department - 500 people participated, mostly high school students.

The Amos de-Shalit Prize for Excellence in the Teaching of Physics - To motivate teachers, a prize in physics was established in the name of Amos de-Shalit. The 2008 prize was awarded to Amnon Joseph from the Lehman Comprehensive High School in Dimona.

The Annual Amos de-Shalit Summer School in Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences - The Institute's Amos de-Shalit Foundation offers annual summer schools in physics, chemistry and life sciences for outstanding undergraduate students studying at Israeli universities who have at least two years of undergraduate studies. This year a one-week program was held for students in the life sciences and a two-week program for students in physics and chemistry. Forty two students participated.

The Garoon Family Science Festival - The Foundation sponsored two panel discussions within the framework of the Festival: Is there life outside our planet and tailored medicine.

The Amos de-Shalit Foundation also sponsored the marking of 40 years of the Department of Science Teaching and the "Science Day" of senior students of the Amos de-Shalit High School.