The Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

Zvi Artstein, Director (until February 2010)
The Hettie H. Heineman Professorial Chair of Mathematics

David Peleg, Director (from March 2010)
The Norman D. Cohen Professorial Chair of Computer Sciences

The Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science provides support to the entire spectrum of research and educational activities carried out at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and related research at The Weizmann Institute; that includes theoretical and applied aspects of mathematics and computer science from basic, fundamental research to cutting edge applicable research.

The funds of the Belfer Institute are used to support long and short term visits of high quality researchers from around the world. These visitors give lectures and collaborate with our faculty members. The Belfer Institute also helps support locally organized workshops and conferences on related topics. Part of the funds are used to purchase servers and communication equipment, personal computers and other computing equipment, as well as updating the communication means in order to achieve outstanding results. Once in a while, and in very special cases, we use the Institute's funds in supporting salaries, especially for particularly outstanding students and postdoctoral fellows.

We have plans to use the Belfer Institute funds also for broader initiatives of a more general kind, extending our day-to-day activities. These include supporting larger research projects involving groups of outside scientists that we would invite to cooperate with our faculty members and students, and inviting outside expert lecturers to teach topics not covered by our normal curriculum. These will serve to enhance our visibility, and will help attract more outstanding students and postdoctoral fellows, thus contributing to the overall quality of the Faculty's work.

In the 2010 fiscal year, the Belfer Institute sponsored many programs and projects. Here we list the main ones only: The 2010 Pekeris Lecture, delivered by Prof. Doron Zeilberger from Rutgers University, "...We have come a long way (or did we?): A Redux of Pekeris' 1958 Computations on a 2010 Computer". Support for several scientific meetings, including the Annual Meeting of the Israel Mathematical Union. Support for a range of Faculty Seminars including the program of Distinguished Lecture Series. Travel support for the doctoral students. Support for a long list of guests. Direct support for scientists including salary support for several students. System administrators support, including computer back up and general maintenance. Support for new equipment and continual upgrading communication equipment and ongoing supplies. We continued to support to the Faculty Library including updating the books and journal collections.