520: Applied Research Scientist (April,2021)

Applied Research Scientist – Vision AI Research

Ever wanted to work on cutting edge applied machine learning?

We are looking for researchers in computer vision with strong analytical skills. Vision AI Research is a computer vision group at a new AI research institute established to tackle chal­­lenging topics in todays vision community. The group works on new approaches in deep learning for image and video analysis.

Highly motivated computer vision researchers who has passion for pushing the state of the art forward on the domains of image and video analysis. Joining forces with NLP and Audio research groups here at our institute we also strive for advancing the emerging multi-modal learning. You will be working with the
experienced scientific minds who like to roll up their sleeves, and uncover new discoveries and methods. You’ll further be able to present your work at the top scientific conferences.

  • M.Sc./PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, or a related field, with background in computer vision, machine learning and deep learning.
  • Industry or academic experience
  • Publications in top AI conferences We are located at Ramat Gan, near Savidor train station.

Please send you CV with the Job title and number to: Alumni@weizmann.ac.il