Apple Israel Formal Verification team is looking for you

Consider yourself an analytical thinker?
Motivated and a team player?
Apple Israel Formal Verification team
is looking for you.

What does Formal Verification (FV) mean? In computer science, FV refers to the act
of proving or disproving the correctness of intended system behaviour with respect to
its specification, using formal mathematic methods e.g. Model-Checking
Who are we looking for? We’re looking for talented university recently graduates or
with HW related experience, with real passion for Logic design and/or Mathematics, to
join our unique formal verification team.

What will you do? In this role you will be responsible for applying Model-Checking
techniques for formally verifying RTL correctness vs. its specification
Not in the Formal Verification domain? No worries. We’re offering formal verification
course for learning the theory and practice from our leading industry experts.
Contact us and take yourself further

For more details please email – Tamar Presman, 050-5927501